When can I start having sex after an ectopic pregnancy treatment?

This depends on the type of treatment modality you had. If you were treated surgically, you can start having sex as soon as you are ok and up to an intercourse. Although, this is a personal thing which depends on your pain threshold and how smoothly you recuperate, but on the average within about 6 – 8 weeks after surgery, you should be strong enough to cope with the physical requirement of an intercourse. However, intercourse should be with contraception, until a time when proper healing and full recovery of the body from the effect of the last pregnancy and surgery has occurred so as to reduce the risk of a recurrence and ensure the best possible outcome for the new pregnancy. This according to the WHO should be about six months from the incident. However, due to the pressure associated with the need to conceive as soon as possible in our environment, couples are advised to wait for at-least 3 menstrual cycles after the incident.

For patients on conservative or medical management of their ectopic pregnancies, due to the risk of rupture of the ectopic pregnancy during this period which may be aggravated by intercourse, they are advised not to have intercourse until complete resolution of the ectopic pregnancy both on ultrasound scan and by a negative blood pregnancy test. Although, this usually takes many weeks and months after the commencement of the treatment, it is even more important to desist from unprotected intercourse because the existence of another pregnancy while on serial monitoring of the pregnancy hormone, needed to ascertain a complete resolution of the ectopic pregnancy, will increase the blood level of the pregnancy hormone, due to an inadvertent production of the same hormone by the new pregnancy which may then be misinterpreted as a failure of medical or conservative treatment of the ectopic pregnancy. So in summary, for women on medical and conservative management of their ectopic pregnancy, sexual intercourse should be avoided until complete resolution of the ectopic pregnancy to reduce the risk of rupture of the ectopic pregnancy but if mandatory, condoms must be used to avoid getting pregnant and disrupting the monitoring of the pregnancy hormones needed to monitor the resolution of the ectopic pregnancy. Going forward, even after complete resolution of the ectopic pregnancy, while sexual intercourse is allowed, all efforts must be made to wait till about 3 to 6 months before trying to conceive again in other to ensure the best possible outcome for the next pregnancy. For more information, kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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