Can you tell if an ectopic pregnancy has ruptured via ultrasound?

Yes, an ultrasound scan remains the most important means of diagnosing both a ruptured and an unruptured ectopic pregnancy. But for the most part, the diagnosis of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy especially when massive is clinical, i.e. only based on the symptoms and signs presented by the patient at the hospital. There are instances however, at presentation, that the symptoms and signs may not be enough to make a conclusive diagnosis. Then, other investigations may be required to exclude other diseases that may present similar to a ruptured but slowly bleeding ectopic pregnancy and here is where an ultrasound scan comes in. A transvaginal scan is the most ideal scan for the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy. Not only can it reveal an empty womb along with the location of the ectopic pregnancy prior to rupture, it can also pick in the early phase of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy the presence of blood in the pelvis while also excluding other diseases that may mimic a ruptured ectopic pregnancy such as an ovarian cyst or a torsioned (twisted) pedunculated fibroid. For more information, kindly CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS.

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