This particular topic is actually for me, my menstrual flow suddenly reduced since 3years ago. It hardly flow for 2days , though it comes every month. Could any of the above causes be mine and how can this be ascertained?

Yes any of the above listed causes in the article on REDUCED MENSTRUAL FLOW: INTRODUCTION AND CAUSES could be the cause. But before we can ascertain which, a detailed history of the whole event prior to the change you noticed in your menstrual flow will be required to guide us in making a proper diagnosis. Other decisions including the necessary investigations that you may require as well as the appropriate treatment can them be advised. To learn more about how the various causes of reduced menstrual flow present, pease read REDUCED MENSTRUAL FLOW: CLINICAL PRESENTATION AND DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSES and to learn about the various investigations that can be done to unravel the cause and possible treatment, please read REDUCED MENSTRUAL FLOW: INVESTIGATIONS AND TREATMENTS. For a comprehensive review, kindly book an appointment online and CHAT WITH OUR CONSULTANTS any time you are free.

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